About Northfield

Bringing high-tech solutions to the US enterprise market.

Northfield is a consultancy and outsourcing firm based out of San Francisco. We specialize in bringing high-tech solutions to the US enterprise market. Northfield brings sales expertise and the ability to communicate complex value propositions in an easy way.

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We help startups and rapid-growth
companies from a wide range of industries.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Consumer Electronics
  • IT Mapping and Monitoring
  • Cyber Security
  • Anti-fraud
  • FinTech
and many others...

Boost your capacity with
top-performing sales veterans.

  • Specialized expertise in high-tech
  • Access to sales leaders with years of experience at HP, Oracle, etc
  • A wealth of local contacts and market intelligence
  • A successful track record executing high-end deals and appointments
  • In-house research team to give you insight

What customers say

Tzvi Appel
CEO, VNT Software
"The guys at Northfield successfully created a lead generation process that delivered numerous valuable prospects from companies of the Fortune 1000."
Sagi Eliyahu
CEO, KMS Lighthouse
VP International, Aman
"Whenever a challenge arose, Northfield quickly developed creative strategies to move the sales process forward."

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