Your outsourced sales team in the USA

Bring your high-tech solution to the US market, efficiently and risk-free.

Fortune 500 companies we’ve worked with

Validate demand

Why open an office or hire staff before validating market demand? Northfield acts as your flexible sales team in the US so you can test the waters quickly and risk-free.

Grow your business

We'll get your high-tech solution in front of the right potential clients and partners.

Derive key insight

Learn everything you need to know about your local audience so you can act with confidence.

The Northfield Advantage

  • Silicon Valley based, with 25,000 startups and hundreds of VCs in the area.
  • A wealth of local contacts and market intelligence.
  • A successful track record executing high-end deals and appointments.
  • Specialized expertise in high-tech.

About us

Northfield specializes in introducing high-tech solutions from European companies to the US market. Based in San Francisco, Northfield brings deep local expertise and the ability to communicate what is often a complex value proposition in an easy way to key enterprise stakeholders. And we have the results to prove it.

What customers say

Michael Mpare
CEO at Warner Marketing, Inc.
"We hired Northfield to bring us new clients and they delivered stellar results. In addition, they developed a compelling slide deck and business development methodology for us. I highly recommend them!"
Tzvi Appel
CEO, VNT Software
"The guys at Northfield successfully created a lead generation process that delivered numerous valuable prospects from companies of the Fortune 1000."

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